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PO Box 320524
Boston, MA 02132-1901

Why Not International sells a unique collection of high quality apparels.


The Evolving Story of Why Not International

Follow along the evolving story of Why Not International


Sabinna Cappo



Why Not International limited edition, 2015 Summer Sale!!

At last, our shirts are finally for sale. This 2015 Inaugural release features our classic logo shirt and the vintage shirt in various colors and sizes. Both are printed on quality cotton blend shirts, locally at the good, old U.S.A--the State of Massachusetts.

Also featured in this round of release is the not yet in production "Hug a Rainbow" logo shirt, available by pre-order only! This one is very close to our heart as Massachusetts is one of the first States to legalize same-sex marriage and gay rights--for these reasons, we are proud!! To show our support to the LGBT community and raise the awareness of the discrimination and human rights issues they face daily, Why Not International will donate 2% of "Hug a Rainbow" shirt proceeds to a chosen organization. Pre-order one if you like what you see!

We hope you like our shirts and would love to hear your thoughts, feedbacks about our company, products, etc.--leave comments here or email us privately by going to Contact page!


The Inception

Sabinna Cappo

Why Not International started with a thoughtful present given to the founder--a simple white tee with the words "why not!" written on it. The t-shirt captures a playful phrase the founder frequently uses to respond to many inquiries made by his students--Why not!


That "why not" t-shirt consequently generated a lively discussion of what other  catchy phrases can be put on a t-shrit at the dinner table, which then materializes into Why Not International--a Boston based apparel company!

With much chaos and disorder happening internationally and domestically, Why Not believes in standing proud in what is right, taking pride in what you do, and contributing to great causes. Our collection is about reminding people the pressing issues faced worldwide and, no matter how insignificant it may seem, everything little gesture counts!

With that philosophy in mind, Why Not International not only creates statement t-shirts to raise social awareness but also actively support various charities.

From its inception in 2013, Why Not International grew from a group of people bouncing around ideas to a company that prides themselves with creating conscious, alternative wear.